Introducing the Hatcher Rossi Keepsake Box

Picture the delicate chiffon of your wedding dress, your something new or your something blue, maybe your something borrowed that circled back to you. Your newborns first shoes or the golden lock from the first hair cut that softly matches the gold threads of the heirloom blanket, that once laid on your grandparent’s bed.

The tender words of your grandparent’s love letters, their faded photographs or hero medals, the worn-out maps of the journey travelled to where you are today.

As time tiptoes through life, these irreplicable heirlooms are worth preserving, they offer solace and a deep connection to the past and become treasures for generations to come. Yet over time, these keepsake items can fade, go astray, or get damaged and be lost forever.

At Hatcher Rossi, our mission is to preserve these memories with our personalised Keepsake Box, a place to store life’s stories. It’s designed to commemorate life’s most cherished moments and journeys such as births, weddings, birthdays, or memorials to forever keep memories alive.

To make the box truly yours, choose from our premium cotton linings, from a crisp white, classic denim to whimsical floral, and personalise it with a loved one’s name and an engraved heart lock – a symbol of the love that binds generations and people together.

Lovingly crafted in our Sydney studio.

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Newborn Keepsake Box

Housewarming Keepsake Box

Forever Keepsake Box

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Heirloom Box

Personalise your Hatcher Rossi heirloom box for the perfect gift to store those special memories for a lifetime.

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